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450ml-N-Transparent original
150ml-The complexB
300ml-K-Transparent original
200ml-K-Transparent original
1000ml-The complexK
800ml-The complexK2
500ml-The complexA2
500ml-The complexK
250ml-The complexK
200ml-The complexK
The material:Capacity: mlDiameter:mm
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  Yongji city yu and suye co., LTD. Was established in1996Years,Is specializing in the production of pesticides、Chemical packing bottle of domestic brands。
  The company is located in shanxi、Shaanxi、Henan provinces at the junction of the historic city——Yongji city。Company existing staff200More than one。Cover an area of an area13000Square meters,The main products arePE、PETAnd high barrier composite bottle of three categories,Is a collection of production、The scientific research、Perfect sales and after-sales service in the integration of structure。 Company focused on pesticide packaging for many years,In line with specialization、Doing fine、And stronger corporate philosophy,Continuous research and development,Constant innovation,Provides a practical for many enterprises of pesticides、Novel packing products。Especially in recent years,Pesticide packaging with each passing day,The appearance of the product packaging directly affect the image of the enterprise,We supply、Companies together,Attention at home and abroad the latest pesticide packaging design,Each product implement custom tailors for our customers,When do in the......
Congratulations to our union is established
We will take part in the Shanghai 19 national agriculture
Our company“To the top,Improve enterprise management of water
Congratulations to our company“Discharge permit”
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