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Capital Xu Changyu DE car rental co., LTD500Ten thousand yuan,Operating vehicles200More than cars,Conformity assessment of qualifications of enterprises is through traffic administration,Is henan region has become the advanced management、A sizeable car rental companies。Xu Changyu DE car rental co., LTD:Mercedes BenzSLevelELevelCLevel、The new BMW5AudiA6L、Toyota bullying、Highlander、New HondaCRV、BuickGL8Business、Mercedes-benz commercial、…
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Xu Changyu DE car rental co., LTD
Contacts:Xu Jingli
Hand Machine:13782292511、13253336667
The electricity Words:0374-6091603
Net The address:www.dingchile.cn
The ground The address:Henan province weidu wenfeng road and south of the border crossing200M Lucy